Oxytocin Crystals - light micrograph by PasiekaA letter to you from the author.

Dear Reader,

I’m a hugely passionate advocate for fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting. I created Oxytocin Space to fulfil a niche that was lacking and also as a platform for workshops I run.
The intention and purpose of Oxytocin Space is to be empowering, informative and educational. And not just your usual pregnancy and parenting website – I want this to be as informative, up to date, friendly and ethical as possible. As such, you will not find any advertising, affiliate links or conflicts of interest. I strongly believe that information should be freely available to all and without bias and monetization.

We all come from different backgrounds and different journeys. Some of the information on this website may be confronting or contradict your current knowledge/beliefs. While I endeavour to make sure all information is as up to date as possible, balanced, well thought out, referenced, etc., you should always do your own research.

I completely support and encourage being fully informed and making informed decisions. No one can make health decisions for us. We are all responsible for our own bodies, our own health, our own children.

Life is not a series of stages where we come to one, complete it (winning or losing) and move on. Life is a long continuum where every experience is inter-related in a beautiful orchestra. This is why you will hear the term “continuum” a lot and see the topics of fertility, sex, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting cross-over frequently.

This is also a safe space. Topics are open, frank and always with an underlying ethic of body-positivity and all-inclusiveness.

I hope that you will find Oxytocin Space to be helpful and informative on your life journey and that it becomes an invaluable source for your self-empowerment.

In love and light,
Rose Fisher.