About Rose Fisher

Rose Fisher (Founder Oxytocin Space) just after the birth of her 5th baby

Oxytocin Space is the website of Rose Fisher – passionate advocate for the continuum of life that is fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting.

Rose has a huge passion for physiologic, undisturbed, ecstatic birth and it’s transformative power.

She has special interests in not just positive birth but also sex-positivity and sex positive education, fertility/pre-conception health and awareness, conscious conception, healthy pregnancy, prenatal and perinatal psychology, breastfeeding and gentle, unconditional, gender-neutral parenting.

Rose is the mother of five children – the first born by caesarean; the second a traumatic, highly medicalised VBAC that left her with severe post natal depression (PND) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); the third a very healing natural birth; the fourth and fifth, two very empowering, undisturbed and ecstatic homebirths.

Through her wide variety in experiences of birth, a combined total of around 10 years (and counting) breastfeeding and parenting for over 15 years as well as supporting other parents, she has gained a huge amount of experience to share and empower other young people,  parents and whanau/family.

Rose seeks to educate, support and empower so that others can have healthy, informed, rewarding and empowered life experiences.

Experience & Education

Personal Experience:

  • Five very different births: a caesarean, a traumatic medicalised hospital VBAC, a natural hospital birth and two undisturbed physiologic births at home.
  • 15+ years parenting
  • 10+ years and counting breastfeeding
  • Peer to peer breastfeeding support through La Leche League NZ
  • Peer to peer home birth support
  • Founding VBAC Information & Support Trust Aotearoa (VISTA)

Education & Work:

  • Website Design & Hosting
  • 15+ years self directed study in health, well being, healthy eating, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and unconditional parenting
  • Awesome Birth Teacher Training
  • Workshops & Conferences including: Undisturbed Birth with Sarah Buckley, Optimal Foetal Positioning with Jean Sutton, National Homebirth Hui & Conference, various ongoing education modules.